Social Security, International Bodies and Social Work (SOISS)
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SOISS is part of the research group Núcleo de Pesquisa e Extensão sobre Poder Local, Políticas Urbanas e Serviço Social - LOCUSS/ESS – and is made up by the professor-reseacher of the Social Work School of the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ) and graduate and post-graduate students, social workers and researchers from other areas. Their theme is the historical relationship between the workers’ movements and labor social rights that depend on the State and its extra-economic functions.
Focus is given on the circulation of the migrant work force and the main contradictions of contemporaneous capitalism analyzed under the parameters of the political economy within the international agreements and treaties signed after the Second World War. Emphasis is given to GATS (The General Agreement on Trade in Services) and the bilateral agreements between Brazil and Portugal and the introduction of the right to free circulation of labor and people. It also focuses on the various ideo-political mechanisms of social protection and the state of rights and citizenship and the development of human rights – basis of the reformist project that justifies neoliberalism covering the universal social policies and the more specific ones.

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