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The Archive of Social Democracy is the most important German archive for the history of labour movements. It hosts German and international sources coming from social democratic and socialist (...)
Article mis en ligne le 6 mars 2013
Enderezos WEB : http://www.nomesevoces.net http://histagra.usc.es HISTAGRA : RESEARCH GROUP ON THE AGRICULTURAL AND POLITICAL HISTORY OF THE RURAL WORLD. 19th and 20th Centuries The HISTAGRA (...)
Article mis en ligne le 12 décembre 2012
The Italian Society of Labour History (SISLav) has been founded in Milan, at the Camera del Lavoro, on October 5th, 2012, to establish a collaborative network between groups and/or individual (...)
Article mis en ligne le 12 décembre 2012
NEPEM/URFJ (Núcleo de Estudos e Pesquisas Marxistas - Nucleus for Studies and Researches on Marxism) aims to articulate and disseminate studies and researches about the basic themes concerning (...)
Article mis en ligne le 12 décembre 2012
The Research Group “Marxism and Law” - coordinate by the Prof. Dr.
Enoque Feitosa and Prof. Dr. Lorena Freitas – studies the law under
the Marxism spotlight, examining the conditions of possibility (...)
Article mis en ligne le 12 décembre 2012
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