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Article published on 24 September 2014 by Strippoli Giulia
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Call for articles:

workers’ protests in the Middle East
Submission deadline: 1 January 2015

The eruption of mass protests in the Middle East has revived the interest in the study of social and political conflicts in the region. This is a welcome development that challenges essentialist and top down approaches, and focuses our attention on the social forces that through myriad forms of resistance have shaped and are shaping the social fabric and the political landscape of the Middle East. This trend is reflected in a growing number of publications that deal with power and conflict.

This issue of Workers of the World, the online journal of the International Association Strikes and Social Conflict, aims to contribute to this development by drawing attention to the struggles of formal and informal workers in both their workplaces and communities. Therefore, we’ll devote a dossier to the historical and present role of “workers’ protests in the Middle East” (1945 – present) to be published on 1 July 2015.

The editors welcome all contributions on workers’ protests in the Middle East, but especially those that deal with one or more of the following aspects:

- Critical discussion of the approaches to the study of workers’ protests in the Middle East;

- The role of workers in the recent revolutions and counter-revolutions in the Middle East;

- Case studies of strikes and other forms of workers’ struggles in a particular location (workplace/community);

- The challenges and possibilities of collective action among workers in the informal sector;

- The relationship between workplace and community struggles;

- The interaction of class, gender and ethnicity in the shaping of workers’ struggles;

- The interaction between workers’ protests and social movements.

- The relationship between ideological, cultural and material factors in the emergence of workers’ protests.

Submission of papers
Papers for this Middle East dossier of the journal should be sent to the guest editor Peyman Jafari: with a CC to

Articles can be submitted in English, French, Spanish, Portuguese or Italian. All selected works will be published in English, and the authors will be responsible for translation within two months following approval for publication.

The final version in English should not exceed 5,000 words (including notes and spaces) and should be submitted in Times New Roman 12 font with 1.5 line spacing. For questions regarding format and publishing, see:

After submission, the editors of the journal will select the articles on the basis of their originality and quality, and notify the authors within 6 weeks. The selected articles will be peer reviewed and authors will have enough time (8 weeks) to hand in a final version after receiving comments from the reviewers.

• 15 September, 2014 – 15 January, 2015: Submission of papers by authors.

• 15 – 31 January, 2015: Selection of texts by journal editors

• 1 February – 15 March, 2015: Evaluation process

• 15 March 2015: Notification sent to authors of papers selected for publication.

• 15 March – 15 May, 2015: Submission of final article, in English, by the authors

• 15 May – 15 June, 2015: Final revision by editors

• 15 – 30 June, 2015: Issue design and final formatting

• 1 July, 2015. On-line publication of issue

About the journal
Workers of the World is the peer-reviewed journal of the International Association Strikes and Social Conflicts ( The Association now has the participation of more than three dozen academic institutions from Europe, Africa, North and South America.It publishes original articles, interviews and book reviews in the field of labour history and social conflicts in an interdisciplinary, global, long term historical and non Eurocentric perspective.

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