III International Conference Strikes & Social Conflicts.
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III International Conference Strikes & Social Conflicts.
Combined historical approaches to conflict
Barcelona, June 16-19 2015.
Second announcement and call for papers


The onset of the crisis in 2008, initially affecting major capitalist countries, has brought to the forefront socio-political and economic transformations infused with historical ramifications ; a process which in some regions of the globe began in the 1990s. The changes imposed by the crisis ignited the resurgence of social protest as one of the main mechanisms reshaping present day society. In spite of the resurgence of social movement protest over the last decade’s research on social and political protest have generated albeit limited scholarly investigation. The current prevalence of social and political protest, however, make it an important field of study to better understand both our present and future.

It is in this context that the III Conference on Strikes and Social Conflict will be held in Barcelona, one of the epicentres of the new wave of protests, initiated with the emergence of 15M, the movement of indignados in 2011. In this way the conference seeks to prioritize the debate that examines the role of social protest and policy in times of intense economic, social, political and cultural upheaval. Simultaneously, the conference will draw upon approaches that integrate distint areas of research and accumulated knowledge that reflect the diversity and impact of of socio-political protest : from their core components to aspects that have been considered marginal ; all of which are relevant for a comprehensive understanding of the phenomenon. A far reaching historical understanding of both past and present acknowledges that there are no singular periods more relevant than others : all past contain the seeds of the present. In this sense all historical periods will be considered as well as contributions from a comparative perspective, thus sheding new light on various historical processes. In the same way, it is our desire that the conference becomes a space that enhances a mutual understanding of the historiographical traditions developed in different countries.

A new historical period demands scholarly inquiry that can keep up to the new challenges placed before us and in this sense, construct a new research agenda where strikes and social conflicts play a key role.

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