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The Research Group “Marxism and Law” - coordinate by the Prof. Dr.
Enoque Feitosa and Prof. Dr. Lorena Freitas – studies the law under
the Marxism spotlight, examining the conditions of possibility and
applicability of philosophy and historical materialism method of
preparation for a new comprehension of the legal form.
In order to do so the group takes use of an exhausting exam of the
connections between law and the ways of which the legal form deals
with the tension between emancipatory aspirations and the exercise of
power and control, of which the relation between law and domination is
nothing more than a manifestation.
To accomplish their goals, the research group uses an
interdisciplinary approach of the contributions of philosophy,
political science and economy. The constitution and formalization of
the Group is a result of studies and researches developed in a post
graduate level since 20 03 by the professors who coordinate the Group
and, outside the academy, of the performance and assistance along
social movements.
The group constituted itself informally almost ten years ago, as a
result of congregation between professors inclined to studies about
applicability of the theoretical field founded by Marx to the
comprehension and critical analysis of the legal environment. The
group congregates researchers, professionals and students that, from
the courses taught – on graduation and post-graduation – and the
practices on the field they act gather to discuss the interactions
with other knowledges and the possibilities of application of Marxism
in the comprehension of the legal field, criticizing, on one hand,
both the perspective that equals legal science and law and – mainly –
those other perspectives that try to deny the connection between law
and power activity, that is, of one deter minate state whose overcoming
happens on the field of self-extinction.
The Group é formed by about 50 members between permanents, listeners
and visitants. It’s constituted by a permanent core composed by three
doctors, three students on the path of doctorate, seven students on
the edge of masters, three specialists and twelve scientific
initiation scholarships.
In its current composition there are professors (both in the public
and private institutions), lawyers, social assistants, sociologists,
philosophers, anthropologists, judges, public employees, and others.
On the last five years, beyond the dozens of articles and
participation on national and international events, the Group edited
three authorial books, five collective work books and organized seven
events, the last resulted on the book “Marxismo, Realismo e Direitos

The Group’s homepage is

On the website, beyond the disclosure on the Group’s activities and
others group’s, its available some of the bibliographic production of
the Group and contact information.

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