Amsab – Instituut voor Sociale Geschiedenis (Ghent, Belgium)
Article published on 28 June 2012 by Admin1
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Amsab – Instituut voor Sociale Geschiedenis (Ghent, Belgium)

Archiving documents and other items of progressive social movements and persons.
We preserve and collect records from the 19th century onwards. Materials are related to the history of socialist organizations, radical left-wing organisations, new social movements and groups involved in action for peace, women, the Third World, a different globalization, gay and lesbian rights, migrant rights, etc. Amsab-ISH has also become the archive of the green movement.
We arrange and describe these materials and then make them available to the public for free.


Amsab-ISH is a knowledge centre: we answer all your questions on social history, the opening up of archives and the preservation of archival collections.
Amsab-ISH is a research institute: we therefore cooperate closely with universities and other scholarly institutes, both in Belgium and abroad. We provide guidance for students on how to proceed with master’s and doctoral dissertations. Furthermore, we organise workshops and colloquia and publish research results.
Amsab-ISH is open to the general public: our multimedia approach, exhibitions and publications enable us to cater for a broad public that actively participates in our activities.

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